Delivering strong brand identity.

A brand's identity is like your reputation. It takes a long time to build up, but can be lost quickly. Tread thoughtfully.

Regardless of the size of your brand, it's essential to have a well managed identity. Our brand identity process is built on decades of experience on large, blue-chip brands. We have also applied it to small, entrepreneurial brands. The process begins with a framework for the key elements of a brand's equity - target audience, consumer insights, benefits and features, values, tone and manner, and executional equities. Then the master brand and variants are positioned competitively. Once a framework in place, it becomes a touchstone for all other brand activities. For example, when considering innovation ideas, one of the key questions is will they help to build brand equty, or will they dilute it?

Case study. Managing the core equity of a high innovation brand.

For decades, Tide could only be a powder detergent. Every innovation was positioned as a 'new Tide'. Then, P&G embraced line extensions. First liquid Tide, then Tide with Bleach, then Liquid Tide with Bleach. Then every variant was restaged to a more concentrated form.

As the Tide management supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi, it was my responsibility to deliver advertising that would successfully launch each innovation while protecting brand equity. Rather than develop separate executions for each new product, we integrated the product news into the brand's proven 'Letters' campaign. Sales increased +21%, and core cleaning equities improved across-the-board. For more information, watch the video 'Managing Tide in the time of innovation', below.

Case study. Positioning a brand in a new category.

As the leading manufacturer of High Efficiency washing machines, Whirlpool Corporation needed to convince owners to clean their machine monthly with a special cleaning product to prevent an odor-causing residue. A new behavior, and a new category.

I led positioning and creative development for Affresh, the first washer cleaner proven to prevent washer odor.  We positioned the brand as 'essential maintenance' based on the manufacturer's recommendation. As essential as changing the oil in a car. Affresh launched successfully in core appliance channels, and eventually rolled out to mass. Sales consistently exceeded goals, and consumers began to adopt the habit. For more information, watch the video 'Launching Affresh - the first mass washer cleaner', below.