Delivering actionable insights.

Consumer insights drive great brand development. For a new advertising campaign. A breakthrough innovation, or a brand reinvention.

Every brand is unique. It's the same way with a brand's insights. The most powerful ones are not generic, or interchangeable from brand to brand. We have a process for developing insights which is rooted in the brand's history, incorporates important and emerging trends, and utilizes our web-based consumer learning venue to explore and refine insights.

Case study. Turning a competitor's strength into a vulnerability.

Triaminic had a very successful line of children's cough and cold remedies. However, Tylenol's multi-symptom entry into the segment posed a real challenge. Multi-symptom products were based on a powerful insight in the adult segment ('I'm not sure excatly what I have. Just give me everything').

Our insight work revealed that multisymptom products had a vulnerability when it came to children's products. Parents don't want to overmedicate. We used this insight to develop the 'Just the medicine they need' advertising campaign, which helped the brand to recapture lost share.

Case study. Challenging the reliability of our senses.

Pur water filters come built-in on many of Whirlpool Corporation's refrigerators. Knowing these filters need to be replaced, however, does not come built-in. I led the development of an insight that created a greater sense of urgency for filter repacement.

Our insight work showed that consumers feel they know when a filter needs changing. The water would look cloudy, or tase funny. But this isn't true. Many contaminants can neither be seen nor tasted. We developed a campaign communicating the facts, and challenged 'are you sure it's pure? Consumers found this compelling, and intent to change filters increased.