1. A strong brand identity

    Requires a deep understanding of target consumers and equities, and a process for integrating them into marketing decisions. Click to learn more.

  2. Actionable consumer insights

    There is no substitute for consumer feedback. To inspire new products and programs. To vet new ideas. To ensure brand fit. Click to learn more.

  3. Sustainable innovations

    Too many innovations result in clutter and waste. The right process can deliver long-term growth, and improved brand equities. Click to learn more.

  4. Telegraphic messaging

    The creative development process relies heavily on claims and visuals to communicate benefits. It's client work to develop these. Click to learn more.

  5. A well-managed creative development process

    Great creative requires an inspiring brief, and a disciplined process. This increases the odds of impactful, strategic executions. Click to learn more.



The importance of thinking big. Even if you're small.

Thinking big doesn't just mean big ideas. It means thinking like a successful, big brand organization. With a disciplined process, frequent consumer feedback, and an experienced brand leader. If you don't have an experienced brand leader, we can play that role. For a fraction of the cost of a full time executive.

Why process matters.

Some organizations, like Apple and Nike, can rely on a visionary leader to develop their brands. For the rest of us, a disciplined process is key to success. Just as it is for accounting, manufacturing, and sales. Process doesn't mean bureaucracy. It shouldn't limit creativity. In fact, the right process should inspire it. We have a process for all five brand activities that has been successfully applied to smaller, more entrepreneurial brands.

Consumer feedback.

It's easy for small organizations to forego consumer feedback. It's costly, and it takes time. But it inspires great ideas, and prevents expensive mistakes. My proprietary ConsumerScreen technology enables my clients to connect with consumers at a fraction of the traditional cost. And in a fraction of the time. Now there's no reason that small organizations can't benefit from consumer insights.

Avena Brand Development. For best practice brand development leadership.

Bob Avena founded his firm to deliver best practice brand development to small and mid-sized organizations. He differentiates himself by the breadth of his brand experience, which enables him to take a 'whole brand' view of any project. From new package graphics to advertising. From innovation to website content. And more. Bob also differentiates himself by how fully he integrates his service into client businesses. Prior to consulting, Bob led brand development for large, blue chip brands such as Tide, Cascade, Dove, Caress, and Suave. He brings over 25 years of corporate experience on both the client and agency side. Click here to learn more about Bob Avena and Avena Brand Development